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Facebook Profile Name - "Evangelist Aneel Maseeh” and his wife at Path to God church in Pakistan.


I, Shane Caldeira, am helping to raise money for a man and his wife who are seeking to raise money to grow their Christian ministry in Pakistan. I have set up a GoFundMe account at:


I met Aneel and Ferzana Maseeh through social media and have decided to set up this fundraiser for them. I have been working with them and raising funds for their ministry for just around a year now. I consider them my family in Christ Jesus.


In the past they were focusing on outreach, discipleship, and evangelism in Pakistan. Including Holy Bible in Urdu language, children books, and summer schooling. However, the ministry wants to now focus on the 40 Christian orphans whom they minister to and are now seeking permanent housing and schooling.


Please consider sowing into this ministry to support the Kingdom of Heaven in Pakistan. A nation of mostly Muslim believers makes for a difficult place to house a Christian ministry and raise funds. All of the donations received will be sent directly to the ministry to be used at their discretion for the necessary ministry needs. 

I am hoping that this ministry becomes a glorious light in Pakistan so that others will see the goodness of God in Christ Jesus and be converted.

The Path to God Baptist School is seeking to house and provide schooling for 40 orphans, permanently, in Pakistan. They wish to raise money to purchase the necessary land and a building with 4500 square ft, as well as living expenses and housing.

They are really hoping to secure the necessary funds for this ministry in Pakistan and pray that you will consider helping in this endeavor in Christ.

Shane Caldeira 


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